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Bulgarian Flag
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The Bulgaria flag is a tricolor design. The colors are red, white, and green. There are three horizontal bars. The flag was originally adopted in 1879 after the Russo-Turkish War, but was readopted in 1991.

The Bulgaria flag was described in the Tarnovo Constitution of 1879. An emblem on the left side of the flag was removed in 1990. It contained a wreath, a five pointed star, and a lion.

The proportion of the rectangle is 3:5. The Bulgarian flag is recognized widely throughout Europe. Bulgaria is a member of both NATO and the European Union.

The largest city and capital in the country is Sofia. The Northern Ireland flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “Dear Motherland”.

Some interesting facts about Bulgaria:

religion: Bulgarian Orthodoxy 82.5%, Islam 12.3%, other Christians 1.2%, others 4%
language: Bulgarian 84.4%, Turkish 9.7%, Roma 4.0%, other/unspecified 1.9%
population: 7,262,689

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