The Isle of Man Flag

Isle of Man Flag
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The Isle of Man flag is made up of a red background. In the center, a triskelion is depicted. This is the Three Legs of Mann symbol. The banner is based on the coat of arms of Magnus III, who was the last Norse king of Mann. The symbol is an ancient Celtic one, which may be related to the sun.

The Isle of Man flag has proportions 1:2. The banner is similar to that of Sicily. Some versions contain the Union Jack in the upper left corner.

The country is located between Ireland and the British mainland. The Isle of Man flag belongs to a country that is a crown dependency of the United Kingdom.

The capital city is Douglas, which is the largest city as well. The Isle of Man flag belongs to a nation whose anthem is “O Land of Our Birth”. The motto is “Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand”.

Some interesting facts about Isle of Man:

religion: Anglican, Roman Catholicism, Presbyterian, Baptists, Methodists, and the Society of Friends
languages: Manx Gaelic and English
population: 80,058

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