The Vanuatu Flag

Vanuatu Flag
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The Vanuatu flag has the ratio 19:36. The Vanuatu flag contains a horizontal Y shaped bar, which is outlined in black, that separates a green field from a red field. A boar’s tusk is located on the black field at the left.

The Vanuatu flag was officially adopted after the nation gained independent status from the United Kingdom and France, on February 13, 1980. The red represents blood, the green represents richness, and the black represents the native people.

The y-shape represents the light of the Gospel. The boar’s tusk, which is featured on the Vanuatu flag, is often word by the islanders as a pendant. The island nation is located in the South Pacific.

The capital in the country is Port Vila, which is also the largest city. The Wallis and Futuna flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “Yumi, Yumi, Yumi”. The national motto is “Long God yumi stanap”.

Some interesting facts about Vanuatu:

religion: Presbyterians 31.5%, Roman Catholicism 13.2%, Anglicans 13.3%, Seventh Day Adventist 10.7%, other Christians 13.7%, indigenous belief 5.7%, other 9.5%, unspecified 1.3%, no religion 1.1%.
language: Bislama, French, English
population: 215,501

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