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The Vatican City flag was officially adopted on June 7, 1929. This was the same year that Pope Pius XI convinced Italy to give the Popes back their independent status, which has been lost in 1870. The flag consists of two horizontal bars, one yellow and one white.

The Vatican City Flag also contained the Papal Tiara and the crossed keys of St. Peter. They are located inside of the white bar. The keys represent the keys to heaven, which Jesus gave to St. Peter. The color gold represents spiritual power, whereas the color silver represents worldly power.

The Papal States (which were larger) used a yellow and purple banner. The Vatican City flag is a square (1:1 proportions). There have been previous versions of Papal designs including one that had the color red (before 1808).

The nation’s national anthem is “Pontifical Hymn and March”.

Some interesting facts about the Vatican:

religion: Roman Catholicism
languages: Latin, Italian
population: 822

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